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A gallery style interior has been a big part of our vision for Confections Cake Co since the beginning. Our cakes are works of art, our dessert bar should POP just the same! While it has always been our intention to exhibit wonderful local artists, we are extremely fortunate to have the remarkably talented friends that we do. Joshua Alexander most of all. ​​

When Brittany & Jarrett first began working on the interior design for Confections, they decided to reach out to their long-time friend, Josh for artistic consultation. It wasn't long before Josh took it upon himself to enroll as our lead contractor & Ušihtât (It means Maker). With a background in construction Josh single handedly built out our kitchen addition. Extremely impressive, but it's not what people notice during their visit to Confections. Josh is the face behind the local rustic brand Ušihtât & the hands painting the way for his famous finger-painting line My Hands Gallery. 

In a way you are meeting the man himself when you step into Confections Cake Co. Each piece of rustic reclaimed furniture throughout the dessert bar are hand made, stained & finished by Josh. Each dining table is completely different from the other, each containing a hidden sentiment of Jarrett & Brittany's. From special island life memories to our favourite comic book characters, Josh has incorporated it all in our home away from home. Our cherry-red cake & wine bar is another incredible feature completely hand made by Josh. His other works throughout the bar include our J+B kitchen saloon doors, the fireplace surround, hallway chandelier, bathroom mirror,  jelly fish mural & more. Beautiful finger-painted originals fill our back wall with a spread of custom steel and wooden sculptures across the restaurant. 

If you're in the market for something wonderful Josh is your guy. Whether you are a business owner, art connoisseur, or amateur collector. Follow Joshua @Usitat & @MyHandsGallery


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Art By Stephanie Kapteyn


In a way, there might not be a Confections Cake Co without Stephanie Kapteyn. Stephanie introduced Jarrett & Brittany to one another on St. Patricks Day back in 2015, way to go cupid! Aside from being a great friend, Stephanie has always been an astonishing artist. When we first started planning for the "Artist Collective"  we knew that we had to display Steph's art in our establishment. Thankfully Stephanie was excited to be a part of our adventure, & now has a dedicated space to display her beautiful artwork at Confections. 

Not only has Stephanie's heavenly artwork contributed to the alluring atmosphere at Confections Cake Co, she has also devoted plenty of time to our participation in the St. Albert Artwalk, & other various artistic events where she will come out & paint live on site. Keep your eyes on our events page for a chance to meet her in person & catch her in action!

If painting is a passion for you, & you want to become an artist one day - why not learn from the best! Stephanie hosts monthly Paint Night's at Confections Cake Co, teaching a variety of artistic styles & skill levels. Paint Night's with Steph are always a blast & she is a fantastic teacher. She will even team up with Brittany for special event Cake Painting classes on occasion - Your cake is your canvas in this exciting baking class. Create your own unique fondant cake with Brittany, & hand paint an edible masterpiece with Stephanie for an Artistic & Delicious creation. Visit our events page for Paint Night registration & full details.

When Stephanie paints she devotes her enormous heart & soul to each & every piece she creates. You can see it in her work, without a doubt. But what is really special is you can feel it too. Visit Stephanie's website & social media handles to keep up with her breathtaking work.         


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Featured Artists
Donna Lemke 

One of St. Albert's own - Humble artist, Donna Lemke creates a variety of stunning works on a broad range of mediums. 


Best admired in person, come take a closer look at Donna's beautiful works at Confections Cake Co.


Jakota Madnezz Photography

With a gothic take on modern photography Jakota captures the majority of his artwork from behind the lens of his camera. J's famous approach when creating his eerie artwork is capturing natural, virtuous impressions & transforming them into the complete opposite. Think Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde... Jakota's particular frameworks are created by his brother Joshua of Ušihtât . You can find a wide variety of J's works throughout Confections Cake Co in October as we host our "Haunted Confectionery" as well as exclusive pieces year round.


Take a closer look into Jakota's Mad world here



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J 2_edited.jpg
Leandro Canvas Oil Paintings

Leandro is a self-taught artist born in Salamanca, Spain. He landed in Canada in 1970 in the Edmonton - St. Albert area which he now considers his home. Leandro's recent retirement has allowed him to dedicate his free time to his true passion, Oil Painting. 


Leandro was brought into Confections Cake Co by a dear friend who had told him about the Artist Collective at Confections. It is a fact that is hard to believe, but this is the first time Leandro has ever showcased his artwork for the public to see! We are thrilled to have Leandro's beautiful work on display at Confections Cake Co. Come by for a visit & see them for yourself!

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Luigi Scornaienchi Oil & Graphite

Luigi began his art studies at 44 years of age - desperately needing a creative outlet from his career at the time. He connected with his grade eight art teacher, Gene Prokop, who was directing his own art school in Edmonton – Pro’s Art Atelier and began attending weekly classes. After completing his second painting and first portrait entitled ‘Walken’, Luigi understood that a part of what he was meant to do on this earth was to create.

Luigi continues his studies with Pro’s Atelier to this day and he credits not just the mastery and teaching style of Gene, but the tutelage of the senior students as well. ‘It’s an outstanding community of people and such a positive environment’ he says. Originally starting with oils, Luigi has ventured more into drawing the last couple of years stressing that ‘Mastering the fundamentals will always make you better’. Luigi continues his education of art with participation in various workshops, visiting fine art museums when he travels and studying different media and events. One of his greatest joys is encouraging new artists, youngsters and adults, to explore drawing and painting.

Luigi has displayed his works at various shows and events and engages in commission works from time to time. When he’s not at his easel, Luigi primarily spends his time being dad to Spencer, Steffen and Mia, working as a Director of Customer Experience and trying to be a good sibling, son and friend.


                                                                                              See more or Luigi's beautiful works here.

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