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We are so thrilled to have so many talented friends working in the Wedding Industry along side us! As a happily engaged couple ourselves, we know how stressful it can be to have to choose a trustworthy crew to help run the show on your BIG day. That's why we've decided to share some of our awesome friends & team mates with you, to help alleviate the stress of tracking down the perfect team to accommodate you during your most special celebration.

The Venue

Obsidian Ridge

We met with Obsidian Ridge owners Jodi & Layson at the 2020 Bridal Fantasy Expo & were immediately intrigued with their presentation for their brand new venue. So much so in fact, that we had decided to book a tour with Layson for our own future wedding! The amazing thing about this absolutely stellar venue is not only the unique & rustic design, or the flawless landscaping throughout the property. What really blew us away was that this young couple designed & developed the entire venue themselves! During our tour Layson walked us through the entire property first revealing the wonderful seven stage waterfall, infinity edge pond, & dream like Moon Gate that draw you into the Ceremony stage Amphitheater.  We toured the awesome Bridal Party suites & on-site campground (that's right your entire guest list can camp on-site over night!), & finally we warmed up by the bonfire that Layson had built for us before our arrival. After witnessing Jodi's phenomenal designs for the indoor reception tent we were sold. The reception tent is covered by a transparent canopy where you can share your first dance under the stars. Obsidian Ridge is the Wedding Venue that has it all. We can't wait to get married at this dream location. You can too! 

For all Obsidian Ridge inquiries & tour bookings please contact Jodi & Layson at or call (780)803-7679


The Photos

Shantelle Louise Photos.jpg
Shantelle Louise Photography

While Shantelle might consider herself an "Up & Coming" Photographer, her published works are absolutely breath taking despite the fact that she hasn't been in the game for very long. There are no forced emotions in this lady's shots. She always knows when to pull the trigger at just the right time. 

The Cuisine

Catering 2.jfif
Thyme To Celebrate Catering

A long time ago, before the time of Confections Cake Co.  - Brittany & Alex were on the look out for a part time gig, when they came upon Ann - Caterer Extraordinaire. Ann is a sweetheart, & is always willing to go the extra mile for her friends, & even more-so, her clients. Confections Cake Co. suffered a building wide power outage mid Wedding season during the summer of 2019. We had a TON of cakes on the go, with nowhere to bake & decorate them! After hearing about our hard luck, Ann dropped everything she was doing & made extra space for the Confections Crew to come takeover her own commercial kitchen. ANN YOU ARE A LIFESAVER THANK YOU! 

Ann puts equal effort into her phenomenal cooking & service. The food is guaranteed fresh & delicious with Thyme To Celebrate Catering. Your guests will rave about Ann's courtesy, & her Mediterranean Chicken too!

For all Thyme To Celebrate Catering inquiries & bookings please contact

Ann Zvonkovic at (780)232-6087

The Music

Tea Cup Productions

Meet Danica the DJ! Danica & Jarrett went to the same high school together, & after over a decade has past since graduation, we are both pleasantly surprised to find each other working away in the Wedding industry. Danica has always been extremely passionate about music, as surprised as we were to find out Danica was in the Wedding biz, owning & operating her own DJ/Photobooth company couldn't make more sense. Danica knows how to work a room. She's known for her non-stop high-energy performances, where she's either out on the floor leading guests in a line dance or letting loose boogieing behind her decks. But aside from providing a wicked floor show, Danica also has a sentimental attachment to music. She's someone who builds playlists to bring back a mood or remind herself of a great time she has had with people she loves. If you're looking for an upbeat, versatile host for your Wedding party - Book with Danica.

For all Tea Cup Productions inquiries & bookings please contact Danica at


The Planning

Diem Designs

Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting things for any couple to work on together. It can however become over bearing as you try to sort through all of your guests, decor, seating arrangements, meals, entertainment... Not to worry! Devin McAuliffe is here to save the day! Devin prides herself on providing relief for busy couples who have their big day in the works. The best part? Devin doesn't simply ask you to hand over the reigns & leave you out of all of the fun. Devin grinds through the grunt work. After an intimate consultation with the bride and groom to be, she prioritizes your needs & selects necessary vendors accordingly. Once Devin has documented your schedule, she can provide a plan for you to attend venue tours, cake tastings, review decor, floral, & more without having to sort through a long list of products & services.

For all Diem Designs inquiries & consultations please contact Devin at OR (587)989-0103

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